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Latest News

Electra Mining 2018

Here are a couple pics from our stand at Electra Mining 2018. It was very encouraging to see the interest shown in our innovative technology. We believe the show was great success and will definitely be back in 2020. It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. We really appreciate all the support and would like to thank everyone who came past to say hi.

IMG 6914IMG 6916

May 2017

We have been operating on a diamond mine near Cullinan since February 2017. We originally received a bulk sample from the mine and after some test work soon realized that our mill liberates diamonds exceptionally well. After a couple months of operating the results have been very impressive. All indications are that we are helping to liberate the diamonds with no distinguishable breakages occurring during milling. The mills ability to determine the amount of energy we exert on the diamonds is a great advantage. To date the best diamond we found was a flawless 7 carat fancy yellow diamond which had been liberated in the milling process. We are expecting to find larger diamonds as the mine ramps up production. EDS is very excited about this industry and believe our technology may be ideal to limit breakages and increase the liberation of diamonds.


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November 2016

The JKMRC (Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre) published a paper on the Mulishaft Mill in the Minerals Engineering Journal.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 10.10.48 AM


October 2016

We performed a 6 week pilot project at a limestone mine in Mpumalanga. We used a 10 shaft mill for the project and had a -15mm +4mm feed. There were 3 different product specs we aimed to achieve (-4mm, -1.7mm and -0.6mm). We ran the mill at 115tph and increased the mines total production by 50% while on site. We processed over 20 000 tons during the project and averaged less than 2kWhpt energy consumption.


Electra Mining 2016

Our stand at Electra Mining 2016.


Photo 2016-09-12 9 39 37 AM  Photo 2016-09-12 10 17 13 AM


March 2015

We have concluded our pilot project at a chrome mine in Mooinooi. We have obtained a lot of data from the pilot and are currently compiling a report of the findings.

The results look very promising. Please contact us directly to find out more.


Electra Mining 2014

Here are a couple pics from our stand at Electra Mining 2014. There was lots of interest in our technology and the demos drew a crowd. We feel that the show was a success for EDS and a lot more people are now aware of our technology.

IMG 7377sIMG 7387s