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The Mill

The EDS Multishaft Mill is a compact vertical mill suitable for processing a wide variety of materials. The mill's footprint is approximately 2m x 1m and has a height of less than 2.5m. The milling action combines a number of processes to provide an output product which will match various specifications. These processes are crushing, milling, densifying, blending and attrition. The mill has a number of horizontal shafts with strengthened flinger attachments which are used to agitate the product as it passes through the mill.

The product is broken down due to impacts on flingers, the mill body as well as other particles of the product. The body of the mill is protected internally by removable liners.

The 15kW and 22kW motors which drive the shafts are controlled by Variable Speed Drives to allow a wide variety of setups for the mill. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allows control over feed and discharge rates giving further flexibility to the process. The entire control system is contained in a compact lockable water and dust resistant control panel.

Various hardware configurations are possible for the mill, including number of shafts and number of flingers per shaft. The mill has been designed to allow easy attachment of other equipment including feed systems, filter systems, and classifiers. The Mill is currently available in 4, 6 and 10 shaft models. The EDS Mill processes material in a highly efficient manner, and consequently offers massive cost savings including energy costs, capital costs, maintenance costs, maintenance downtime.

fig1-10 shaft mill

fig2-6 shaft mill

fig3-4 shaft mill

 10 Shaft Mill  6 Shaft Mill  4 Shaft Mill


   10 Shaft  6 Shaft  4 Shaft
 Total Motorized Power  178 kW  118 kW  88kW
 Voltage Options  380V/525V  380V/525V  380V/525V
 Max kVA Required  300 kVA  200 kVA  150 kVA
 Weight  4.6 t  3.2 t  2.5 t
 Height  2400 mm  1800 mm  1500 mm
 Width  2150 mm  2150 mm  2150 mm
 Depth  980 mm  980 mm  980 mm
 Flingers  180 - 260  108 - 156  72 - 104
 Control Panel Height  2400 mm  2400 mm  2400 mm
 Control Panel Width  2400 mm  1600 mm  1600 mm
 Control Panel Depth    820 mm    820 mm    820 mm