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  • Energy efficiency (up to 75% better efficiency)
  • Small footprint of 1m x 2m x 2.4m/1.4m (D x W x H)
  • No civils required (Can be placed on skids/trailer/underground)
  • Can be run off a generator
  • Startup power draw significantly reduced
  • Low weight (No heavy craneage required)
  • Low noise and low vibrations
  • Quick startup or shutdown sequence
  • Can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure at minimal cost
  • Logistical quantities reduced
  • Improved liberation due to particle shape and breakage mechanism
  • High reduction ratios in a single pass
  • Short lead time (10-12 weeks from order)
  • Quick installation time
  • Low safety risk (no external moving components)
  • Flexible operating parameters
  • Control over product size
  • Wet or dry milling
  • Safe, simple and quick change out of wear parts
  • High productivity and increased availability
  • Control panel and mill shipped as a turnkey solution
  • Stackable for redundancy and maintenance
  • No specialised equipment required for installation or maintenance
  • Reduced capital cost