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About Us

Energy and Densification Systems (Pty) Ltd is based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa. EDS has strategically registered international patents in over 45 countries. These include South Africa, USA , China, Australia and Europe.
The company was formed in 2005, to develop, manufacture and market the EDS Multishaft Mill. EDS initially only had the rights to the patent and did not own the patent outright. During the period 2005 to 2009 the company carried out over 1000 successful batch tests for various clients from different industries. In 2011 the company acquired the patents from the original inventor. EDS was then restructured and recapitalised in order to carry out further research and development of the mill. This included further testing on various products. Towards the end of 2012 the EDS mill was introduced to the South African market as the Generation 2 Multishaft Mill.


The company has its own batch testing facility in Elandsfontein, Johannesburg. This facility is used to test various products and to optimise the mill for each customer. This process involves adjusting numerous variables, including feed rate, shaft speeds, shaft orientation, and discharge rate in order to achieve the best recipe for the material concerned and to meet the customer output specification.
The mill can be combined as a unit with various other pieces of equipment to provide a complete processing and handling solution for the customer. These would include various types of feed and material handling systems, scalpers and pre-crushers, screening equipment as well as classifiers and filter systems.
EDS offers the customer a compact, efficient, power saving solution when compared to existing and obsolete technologies.

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